Tales from Pareidolia

Tales from Pareidolia is a collection of original fairy tales born from the wonder of skepticism and science.
With oddities told from the olde world of kings and castles to the modern era of science and machines, Tales from Pareidolia spins dark threads through its pages to invoke the ideas of critical thought and skeptical awareness.

From understanding the power of storytelling, characters and narrative as a more gripping way of conveying ideas that raw facts and data, I chose to write these stories as a means to make philosophies of skepticism and humanism more engaging. Also, I hoped to entertain you and make you chuckle.

Why not listen to my interview about the book on the Pod Delusion?.

Coming Soon

I'm currently writing a second book of concept short stories and a full-length novel about the conflicted politics of a superhero and supervillain in love. Stay tuned.

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